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Safety comes first at Q & O Plumbing, No shortcuts will be made when I comes to safety. Our employees are our most important asset and their health, safety, and wellbeing is our greatest responsibility. Not only are we committed to ensuring the Health, Safety, and Wellbeing of our workers but other site workers and the general public.



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We ensure the highest quality of safety by:

- Ensuring our employees are well trained on health and safety in relation to the workplace and the tasks they perform

- Appropriate PPE is worn at all times.

- Teaching our employees that being safe doesn’t just start when we perform high risk tasks but from when they leave home until they get home.

- Achieving an accident free workplace.

- Ensuring health and safety is considered in all planning of work activities.

- Providing a continuous program of education and learning to ensure that our employees work in the safest possible manner.

- Ensuring we update our SWMS on a consistent basis, and our employees are consistently reading our SWMS and having a high understanding of them.

- Involving our employees in the decision-making process through regular communication, consultation and training.

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