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About Us

Q & O plumbing are a young and dynamic company that undertakes commercial and large residential projects.  The company has experience in all areas of commercial plumbing from water services including fire services and pump installations and all facets of drainage, storm water systems and sewers.  Q & O owns and operates a large range of modern equipment and tools suitable for large and small excavations and service installations both above and below ground.

The company was founded in 2018 by Ben and Kane with a combined commercial plumbing experience of more than 20 years and since that time have built a very experienced team of plumbers and trades people that are capable of completing all plumbing projects.

The company's reputation has been built on delivering high quality projects, on time and on budget, for some of the larger builders in Victoria, by hands on project management and time and cost control.

The company's most important asset is its highly trained and skilled workforce and with the all the modern tools and equipment complete projects in a very safe and timely manner.

Safety is an extremely high priority of the company; it places a huge emphasis on employee safety including adhering to all normal PPE requirements and any site specific requirements.  All employees are encouraged to keep safety in the front of their minds and evaluate all tasks before being undertaken to ensure that they are completed in a safe manner.

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